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Wired Data Converters


                           SmartCable USB                                             Gageway USB

These Wired data converters are used to convert the ProScale Readout SPC output to a USB input.

SmartCable USB:        

  • Powered directly from the USB port.

  • Plug and play installation - no additional software needed.

  • Output is a standard USB 2.0 keyboard signal.

  • Nothing else is required to direct data to an active software application such as Excel

Gageway USB:

  • Powered directly from the USB port.

  • Supports single and continuous read modes.

  • Requires WedgeLink software to direct input to an active software application.

Product Literature



Part Number Price  
SmartCable USB 905-1615-001 $285

Gageway  USB 905-1604-002 $279


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