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ProScale Measuring Systems
ProScales are general purpose linear measuring systems available in several sizes, profiles and measuring ranges up to 20 ft. (6.0m)

ProScale Digital Readouts operate on batteries or 12-24 VDC and are available with RS232, RS485 and Digimatic outputs.
Wireless data transmission, linear and non-linear interpolation, temperature compensation, Go/No-Go, Upper/Lower Limits, ABS/INC and Drift Alert output are a few of the functions available on select Readouts. 

ProScale Data Acquisition Systems  products include several wireless data solutions, multiplexers, and D/A converters.

Dimensional Quality Control Systems 
Accurate Technology designs and manufactures standard and custom designed turn key systems for Dimensional Quality Control. Hand held, bench top, free standing, 1 or 2 or 3 axis measuring systems are available to measure up to 20 ft.

Woodworking & Industrial Measuring Products
For over 25 years, Accurate Technology has been providing digital measuring products for the cabinet, door & window, millwork and furniture industries. Stop & Fence systems, Tool Setters and QC Systems are just a few of the products you will find here.  

DIGI Consumer Systems
These are a 'direct to consumer' family of affordable digital measuring products designed and built for the quality conscious small shop woodworker and serious hobbyists.   

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