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 ProCAB-QC is a Microsoft Windows application that is part of a quality control measuring solution for measuring and documenting the dimensional quality of fabricated or purchased parts such as cabinet doors.  It is designed to be used with a ProTable-CAB two axis dimensional measuring system.

 ProCAB QC Software provides a method to import existing customer data that represents production orders, (or shipments received), and to measure and document  the dimensional quality of the parts in the order (or shipment).

 ProCAB-QC software is unique in that it automatically identifies a randomly measured part, records the actual measurements and associates the measurement data with a corresponding line item on an order. 

Upon measurement completion ProCAB QC can generate a packing slip showing Ship To and Bill To information along with line item specifications including the measurement results for each part.  It also generates a local data file containing the same information.  This data can then be imported by a spreadsheet or database program for quality control tracking, statistical process control (SPC), or other purposes.  The software can also print a label that contains the measured dimensional data, part identification, order ID and bar code information for application on each part.



  • Parts can be measured in any sequence for a production or sales order.

  • The Software can recognize if one or more line items have the same measurement specifications (Part Ambiguity).

  • Line items are automatically marked as complete when the prescribed number of parts required have been measured.

  • Orders are marked complete when all line items have been measured.

  • Pack slips can be printed containing the customer ship and bill information along with part measurement data.

  • Completed order data is written to history files when an order is complete.

  • Measurement data can be imported in either decimal or fractional inches, a mixture of each, or millimeters.

  • Measurement tolerance for height and width are independently definable.

  • Measurement precision is definable for both inches and millimeters.

  • The number of imported orders is limited only by system memory.

  • The number of line items per order is limited only by system memory.

  • Part data is imported using a .CSV file as a single order or multi-order file.

  • User definable data mapping templates for both single and multi-order files.

  • ProCAB-QC can parse existing .CSV files based on mapping templates; files do not require special formatting.  Data fields that may be used for other applications are ignored.

  • The system state is automatically saved when the program is exited and restored when it is re-started. This includes all order, line item and measurement information.

  • The system can be configured to:

    • Accept out of tolerance parts with user interaction.

    • Allow modification of item part width or height as well as quantity required.

    • Print labels for measured parts that include measurements, line item details, time/date and barcode.

  • “Rejected” (for a multitude of reasons) part labels can be printed

  • Incomplete Order Report can be generated to indicate missing or out of tolerance parts that need to be reproduced to complete an order.

     Download an Evaluation Copy of ProCAB QC  (23mb) 


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