“....linear digital measuring systems from fractions to 10 microns....”


ProScale Software Readout VDRO™

VDRO is a software application designed to replace hardware Readouts and provide a cost effective solution for applications where one or two measurements are required. The software runs on Windows XP, WIN 7 and WIN 8 platforms.  Database files are imported and exported using .csv format.  Part information may be displayed during measurement via .pdf file format.


  • Input: One or two axes of measurement data

  • Programmable: measurement precision, datum and axis direction for each axis

  • Database: for storage of part geometry parameters

  • Administration code:  Prevents unauthorized changes to the parameters or database

  • Graphic: Associated part image is displayed when selected

  • Instructions: Display a .pdf document associated with the part being measured

  • Histogram: Recorded measurements are charted for statistical analysis

  • Label: Print a label with dimensions, part ID, date and barcode for a measured part

  • Recording: Each Measurement Record contains:

    • Date and Time

    • Measurement Sample number

    • X measurement

    • X error

    • X in specification (yes or no)

    • Y measurement

    • Y error

    • Y in specification (yes or no)



inch mm
Display Range ± 999.999  ± 9999.99
Resolution .1 or .01 or .001  .1 or .01
Repeatability .001 .01
Output    .csv file
Current Part Number 700-1600-VDR
Current Firmware version


Manual (pdf) Data Sheet (pdf) Video

Works With ProScale Models:

   150G               180/190                    250G                   280/290               380/390                   580/590

Model 180, 280, 380 & 580 SYSTEMS were discontinued in early 2013.


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