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ProStand HD

ProStand is a system for measuring, calibrating, and cataloging moulder cutterheads and knife profiles.

ProStand is a two-axis cutterhead measurement stand that allows an operator to digitally measure cutterhead radius, axial position, length of arcs, arc centerpoints, arc radii, angles, and more.  It can be used to verify knife alignment, check knife grind, inspect for cracks, and inspect for loss of temper. It makes non-contact, digital measurements using a color CCD camera coupled to a magnification lens, a high resolution 17" LCD color monitor, and ProScale digital measuring systems.

ProStand-HD supports cutters up to 15 inches in diameter and 400 pounds.  The cutter is loaded onto a sliding carriage which is then re-positioned to measure the tool.  The sliding carriage ensures operator safety during loading and unloading of large and heavy cutters.


  • Reduces Waste caused by trial and error setups...More production = more profit.

  • 25X Tool Magnification allows inspection of knife edge grind quality plus flaws such as cracks and chips.

  • A Full color image displays the knife edge better than shadow-image systems and reveals blueing caused by excess heat during grinding.

  • Non-Contact Measurements = No mechanical measurement ambiguity and excellent repeatability from one user to the next.

  • Dual Measurements With ProStand's digital readout, you can measure frofile features in absolute mode, switch to incremental mode for relative measurements, and return to the absolute mode with no loss of measurement or accuracy.

  • Easy Readout Operation: Front panel settings for Zero, Plus & Minus Offsets, Hold, and more.

  • Choice of Measurement Mode The Digital Readout will display readings in Millimeters, Centimeters, or Decimal inches.

  • Radius measurements are possible by selecting three points along an arc, and the readout calculates the arc radius, arc length, and center point coordinates.

  • RS232 output is built-in.

  • User Manual

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ProStand Set-up

ProStand Operation



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