....linear digital measuring systems from fractions to 10 microns....


Data Acquisition Accessories

ProRF Encoder Transmitter & Receiver:
Instead of long cables between the Encoder and Readout, use ProRF Encoder to send data wirelessly to a remote Readout or PC.


ProRF SPC Transmitter & Receiver:
Transmit data from a ProScale Readout with SPC output to a PC (USB).


ProRF Universal Receiver:
Receives wireless data from up to 8 ProRF Encoder Transmitters or ProRF SPC Transmitters. Connects to, and powered by, USB port.


ProMux is a hardware interface with 3 inputs for ProScale Encoders. It is compatible with ProScale Model 150 and 250 systems only. RS232 output.


SmartCable USB transmits data from an SPC output on a ProScale Readout to a PC USB port. It installs as a keyboard allowing data to be input to an active application without the need for additional software.


GageWay - transmits data from an SPC output on a ProScale Readout to a PC USB port.  With WedgeLink software data may may be parsed and redirected to an active PC software program, i.e. Excel .


Analog Interface Unit (AIU) provides an analog signal (0-5 or 0-10 volts) output proportional to the currently displayed position/measurement of a ProScale system.



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