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 ProScale 950 Series

ProScale Series 950-404/5 and 950-406/7, both shown with Encoder

For over 20 years Accurate Technology manufactured and private labeled a special version of our  ProScale Model 150 and Model 250 ABSolute measuring systems for Mitutoyo.

This system is now available DIRECTLY from Accurate Technology.  This is the same Series 950 system you would have purchased from Mitutoyo.

Series 950 ProScale is an Absolute technology measuring system ideal for machinery, quality control or any measuring environment where the need to always remember its position was important.
(See ProScale Model 590 or ProKit 590 for building dimensional measuring systems).


  • No Gap to Set: All ProScale Encoders are "captive" on the measuring Scale so you never need to worry about setting or resetting the Encoder gap.

  • Set and Forget: With ABSolute technology, set-up settings are not lost due to power or signal interruption. ProScale Series 950 will remember its place even when power is lost.

  • High Noise Immunity: With Absolute technology, the likelihood of motor electrical noise, magnetic fields, or power transients affecting the measurement accuracy or signal integrity is rare.

  • Scalability: Series 950 supports multiple Encoders and Readouts operating simultaneously on the same Scale.

  • Wireless Flexibility: ProScale Readouts can be equipped with our 2 way ProRF-SPC wireless data system.

  • RoHS compliant Lead Free Product

  • LIFETIME limited warranty


  • Manual


Model Measurement Range Accuracy (measured at the Encoder output)
 950-404 up to 10 inches   (250mm) better than: .002in  ( .05mm)
 950-405 up to 18 inches   (450mm) better than: .003in  ( .07mm)
 950-406 up to 52 inches   (1.3m) better than: .008in  ( .20mm)
 950-407 up to 96 inches   (2.4m) better than: .008in  ( .20mm)
Model 950-404, 405  DIMENSIONS         Model 950-406, 407   DIMENSIONS
Purchase ProScale 950 Series
Model  Measuring Range System Price


 950-404 10 inches   (250mm) $ 510

 950-405 18 inches   (450mm) $ 525

 950-406 52 inches   (1.3m) $ 700

 950-407 96 inches   (2.4m) $ 920

Series 950-005 Readout looks like this:


  • Battery Operation 1 CR123 Lithium

  • Displays: Inches, millimeters, or centimeters

  • Functions: Go/NoGo, Upper/Lower limit, measurement Sum, Min, Max, Ave, linear scaling

  • Manual

NOTE: This Readout is specific to the 950 series
ProScale and will only work with a 950-006 Encoder.

Series 950-006 Encoder looks like this:   




This Model 950 Encoder comes with an 80 inch (2m)cable length.
It has a 10 Pin Digimatic
connector that mates with the 950-005 Digital Readout.  


NOTE: This encoder is specific to the 950-005 Readout and will not work with any other ProScale Readout.

Accessories for ProScale Series 950

SPC RF Transmitter & Receiver


AIU D-A Converter


Each ProScale Series 950 System Includes:
  • 1 ABSolute Measuring Scale -  Measuring Range + 4 inches = Physical length
  • 1 ABSolute Encoder Model 950-006 (with 80 inch cable length and 10 pin connector)
  • 1 Digital Readout Model 950-005
  • 1 Pkg. Mounting Hardware
  • Quick Start Installation and Operation Manuals

ProScale Series 950 Replacement Parts




950-005 Readout

950-006 Encoder

  950-404, 405

950-406, 407

Connector Link

Guide Clip


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