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ProScale Model 590 Measuring System

ProScale Model 590 shown with Sliding Carriage and Encoder                        End View of Scale profile

The ProScale Model 590 uses SERIES II Incremental inductive measurement technology.
It is a general purpose measuring device with an integrated iGlide
friction bearing system. The Model 590 uses a custom extrusion design incorporating a dual rail for the bearings. A sliding carriage assembly captures the Encoder and moves along the scale minimizing pitch & yaw of the encoder for the utmost in accuracy and repeatability.
The Model 590 was designed as a stand alone measuring system or to be the foundation of systems designed by end users for their particular dimensional measurement applications.

NOTE: Beginning in December 2016, all scales will be CLEAR Anodized instead of Black.


  • Battery or 12-24 VDC Operation: Readouts are available that operate on battery or 12-24 VDC.

  • High Speed Encoder: The carriage/encoder can be moved up to 80 inches per second.

  • Versatility: The carriage plate has several holes predrilled for mounting a Readout, a wireless data transmitter, a handle or other features as required for a custom application.

  • Wireless Data: Systems are available with 2 way ProRF-SPC or Encoder wireless data transmitters.

  • Enhanced Accuracy: Systems ordered with a General Purpose E Readout incorporating non-linear scaling and temperature compensation may be calibrated in-place to enhance overall system accuracy.

  • High Noise Immunity: Inductive technology reduces interference from magnetic fields and ESD.

  • Scalability: The 590 supports multiple Encoders and Readouts operating simultaneously on the same Scale.

  • LIFETIME limited warranty.  



Model Measurement Range

Accuracy (measured at the Encoder output)

Model 590-4 up to 48 inches   (1.2m) better than: .010in  ( .25mm)
Model 590-8 up to 96 inches   (2.4m) better than: .010in  ( .25mm)
Model 590-10 up to 120 inches  (3.0m) better than: .010in  ( .25mm)
Model 590-12 up to 144 inches  (3.6m) better than: .010in  ( .25mm)
Model 590-16 up to 192 inches  (4.8m) better than: .010in  ( .25mm)
Custom sizes available to measure up to 16 feet (4.5m)     



Purchase ProScale Model 590
Model  Measuring Range System Price
(Scale + Encoder)

Model 590-4 48 in   (1.2m) $ 720
Model 590-8 96 in   (2.4m) $ 980
Model 590-10 120 in   (2.4m) $ 1100
Model 590-12 144 in   (3.0m) $ 1250
Model 590-16 192 in   (4.8m)  $ 1500

Prices above include the SCALE and ENCODER only.
Additional price for selected Readout/Encoder choices are shown in the drop down selection box.

  Digital Readout choices

  Basic Readout

  General Purpose

General Purpose E

 1/4 DIN
In-Panel LCD

1/8 DIN
In-Panel LED

 2 Input
In-Panel LCD


Accessories for ProScale Model 590

Pro-RF SPC Transmitter and


Pro-RF ENCODER Transmitter and


Pro-RF SPC Transmitter Only


Pro-RF ENCODER Transmitter Only


Pro-RF Receiver Only


Pro-RF ENCODER Receiver Only


Each ProScale Model 590 System Includes:
  • 1 Series II Incremental Measuring Scale - Measuring Range + 8 inches = Physical size.
  • 1 Series II Incremental Encoder (with selected cable length)
  • 1 Digital Readout (if selected)
  • 1 Pkg. Mounting Hardware containing 8-32 x 3/8 flat head Phillips Screws
  • Quick Start Installation and Operation Manual
E-Mail Request for a Custom System

 ProScale Model 590 Replacement Parts





 Readout Manuals

All LCDs Manual

LED Manual

2 Input Manual

VDRO Manual


E-Mail for Assistance with Replacement Parts

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