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ProScale Model 390 Measuring System


ProScale Model 390 shown with Encoder and Guide Clip*                           End View of Scale profile

ProScale Model 390 uses SERIES II Incremental Inductive measurement technology.
This Model 380 SCALE is a hybrid design of the  Model 190 and the Model 290.  It has the height of a Model 290 and the width of a Model 190.  This system is an affordable choice for common machinery applications.
This system is designed to be used most often in a 'Scale Stationary, Encoder Moving' configuration, however with proper support, shorter Model 390 systems may also be used in a 'Scale Moving, Encoder Stationary' configuration.


  • No Gap to Set: All Encoders are "captive" on the Scale so you never need to set the Encoder gap.

  • Battery or 12-24 VDC Operation: Readouts are available that operate on battery, or 12-24 VDC.

  • High Noise Immunity: Inductive technology reduces the likelihood of motor electrical noise, magnetic fields, power transients and ESD from affecting the measurement.

  • Scalability: The M390 supports multiple Encoders and Readouts operating simultaneously on the same Scale.

  • Wireless Data: Systems are available with 2 way ProRF-SPC or Encoder wireless data transmitters.

  • Encoder Speed: up to 120 inches per second.

  • RoHS compliant Lead Free Product

  • LIFETIME limited warranty.  



Model Measurement Range Accuracy (measured at the Encoder output)
Model 390-2 up to 24 inches   (600mm) better than: .005in  ( .12mm)
Model 390-5 up to 60 inches   (1500mm) better than: .010in  ( .25mm)
Model 390-8 up to 96 inches   (2400mm) better than: .010in  ( .25mm)
Model 390-10 up to 120 inches   (3m) better than: .010in  ( .25mm)
Custom sizes are available to measure up to 10 feet (3m)            DIMENSIONS

Purchase ProScale Model 390
Model  Measuring Range System Price
(Scale + Encoder)


Model 390-2    24 in  (600mm) $ 220
Model 390-5 60 in  (1.5m) $ 370
Model 390-8 96 in   (2.4m) $ 500
Model 390-10 120 in   (3.0m) $ 650

Prices above include the SCALE and ENCODER only.
Additional price for selected Readout/Encoder choices are shown in the drop down selection box.

Digital Readout choices

  Basic LCD

  General Purpose LCD

 In-Panel LCD

In-Panel LED

 2 Input In-Panel LCD

VDRO Software

Accessories for ProScale Model 390

SPC RF Transmitter & Receiver


ENCODER RF Transmitter/Receiver


AIU D-A Converter



Each ProScale Model 390 System Includes:
  • 1 Inductive Measuring Scale -  Measuring Range + 4 inches = Physical length
  • 1 Inductive Encoder (with selected cable length)
  • 1 Digital Readout (if selected)
  • 1 Pkg. Mounting Hardware containing 1 Guide Clip (used to move the encoder along the scale).
  • Quick Start Installation and Operation Manuals
E-Mail Request for a Custom System

 ProScale Model 390 Replacement Parts




 System Manuals

All LCDs Manual

LED Manual

2 Input Manual

VDRO Manual


Installation (All)
E-Mail for Assistance with Replacement Parts

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