....linear digital measuring systems from fractions to 10 microns....


SPC or Statistical Process Control

SPC is a tool that businesses and industries use to achieve quality in their products and/or services.

By monitoring the accuracy, or in-tolerance percentage of manufactured products, and collecting current measurement data from measuring devices, a company can adjust their processes and machines to operate faster, and produce better products.

All of our measuring products may be integrated into a company's SPC program by use of wired or wireless (RS232 or USB) connection to a computer or printer.

The data format we use, Digimatic, was developed by Mitutoyo for the transmission of measured values. Our Encoders send this signal to our Readouts, and many of our readouts have a 10-pin output connector which can be used to transmit information by wired connection using SmartCable, Gageway or ProMux, or transmitted wirelessly using our ProRF products.

Click HERE for more information about Digimatic and data transfers using ProScale products.



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