....linear digital measuring systems from fractions to 10 microns....


Incremental Inductive Series I encoder technology. 

This technology was used in Model 180, 280, 380 and 580 systems as well as many of our other measuring products manufactured since 2007.

These Parts are NO LONGER available 

but upgrade paths exist. Contact factory for details

Inductive Series I Scale:

The aluminum extrusion for the Inductive digital scale is available in several different sizes:

  • 0.75" wide x 0.25" thick is Model 180

  • 2.02" wide x 0.75" thick is Model 280

  • 0.75" wide x 0.75" thick is Model 380

  • 2.99" wide x 0.61" thick is Model 580

Inductive Encoder:

                    Top View                                                       Bottom View 


  • Note the wire exits from the corner on one end of the housing.

  • The housing is black with a black base.

  • A black and silver label shows the part number and serial number.


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