....linear digital measuring systems from fractions to 10 microns....

Our Series II Inductive encoder technology began selling in July 2013.  This technology measures position based on a user assigned starting point (does not need to be zero), by electronically counting steps along the digital scale, and by tracking the direction of motion. The inductive technology has a high immunity to motor/electrical noise, power transients, or magnetic fields and ESD.  It can be used in very dirty, dusty, even damp environments. There is no position loss when the digital readout is turned off.

This technology is used in Model 190, 290, 390 and 590 systems as well as many of our other measuring products manufactured beginning in July 2013. This technology is especially appropriate for environments requiring high rates of motion - up to 120 ips, low power consumption, and with dirty environments.

Inductive SERIES II Scale:


The aluminum extrusion for the Series II  SCALE is available in several different sizes:

Inductive Encoder:                                                           

                    Top View                                                       Bottom View 


  • Note the wire exits from the corner on one end of the housing.

  • The housing is black with a black base.

  • A black and silver label shows the part number and serial number.

  • Stock cable lengths available up to 120 inches.
    Custom cables available up to 360 inches.
    (An RF transmitter is available for longer ranges.)


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