....linear digital measuring systems from fractions to 10 microns....

Our Absolute (ABS) capacitive encoder technology has been sold since 1997.  This technology measures the actual sensor position by reading a pattern which is unique at any given location over its length.  This results in a measuring system with a high immunity to loss of position due to motor electrical noise, power transients, or magnetic fields. There is no position loss when the digital readout is turned off, or when power is interrupted.

This technology has been used for Model 150 and Model 250 ProScale systems and products manufactured since 1997. It is especially appropriate for environments with high voltage wiring, dust collection systems, and where a zero position cannot be quickly re-established.

Components of an Absolute (Model 150/250) measuring system:

ABS Scale (almost always green):

The aluminum extrusion for the Absolute digital scale is available in several different sizes:

  • 0.75" wide x 0.25" thick is Model 150 or 150-X

  • 2.02" wide x 0.75" thick is Model 250

  • 0.75" wide x 0.75" thick is Model 250-S (now obsolete)


ABS  Encoder:

                  Top View                                  Side View                               Bottom View


  • Note the wire exits from the corner on one end of the housing. (Older or custom encoders may have a flat gray cable)

  • Until May, 2011 the housing is gray. After 5-2011 the housing is Blue/Gray.

  • The base is black (older models may have a gray base).

  • Newer models (since 2004) have black and silver labels that show the part number and serial number. A "C" or "V" in the part number indicates a coiled cable.
    An "H" in the part number indicates a high-speed encoder.
    A "G" indicated an encoder used in a system that is operated with 12-24VDC.
    An "S" indicates use with a Model 580 System.

  • Standard cable lengths are available up to 120 inches.
    Custom cables available up to 360 inches.  (Consider an RF transmitter is available for longer ranges)



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